Myssjö gård
Enjoy a sauna


Unwind and relax. After a long day at work or an activity outside in nature, it can be nice to land in the farm's sauna. Let the warmth of the wood-burning stove embrace you. Hang out in the farm's cozy relaxation area and finish with a dip in one of Sweden's cleanest lakes. You are worth it.

Take a sauna at Myssjö gård

vedeldat bastuaggregat

Taking av sauna is a way of life; a moment dedicated to the family or an evening in the company of good friends. The sauna is a place for relaxation, where you seek rejuvenation after hard work, physical exertion and mental stress. The heat has a stimulating effect on the blood circulation, is good for aching muscles and increases the metabolism. Conditions of tension are resolved and a feeling of well-being sets in.

Sauna for all senses
We have a wood-burning stove in our sauna. In this way, you get to enjoy the most authentic form of sauna culture. The atmospheric light from the blazing flame, the smell of wood and the pleasant sound of the burning wood make you relax and take you far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We have room for a group of 7-10 people inside the sauna. Cool off by taking a dip or two in Lake Yngern, which is located right outside the sauna. You can borrow the farm's sauna and the small cozy relaxation area for free when you stay with us.

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Sauna tips!

  • Wash and wash your body with soap and water before entering the sauna, feel free to use a towel or seat pad to sit on.
  • If you plan to bathe in a dry sauna, it is important to get your body used to the temperature. Feel free to start with 65 - 70°C, which is suitable for many, especially for the elderly. Then gradually increase up to the desired temperature.
  • First go up to the upper bench (bench), where you sit or lie until your body begins to sweat profusely. It takes a while before the sweat penetrates the skin, depending on the dry air in the beginning, the sweat is absorbed as soon as it arrives.
    Eventually, however, the perspiration becomes so strong that it does not have time to be absorbed and then you see it oozing out. Many people think that you sweat faster and more in a humid sauna, but that is wrong. If you get wet on your body shortly after entering the sauna, this is often not from sweat but from water vapor.
  • Sauna only as long as you feel comfortable. If you receive it in the slightest way, you should stop the sauna.

Yngern - one of Swedens cleanest lakes

With its 15 square kilometers, Yngern is the largest lake in the southern parts of the county. The lake is embedded in a magnificent forest enclosure with few buildings. The water is so clean that several
residents along the lake use it as drinking water. The water quality, size and diversity of the young, with all the bays, islands and straits make it a unique biological diversity in the lake.

The lake's varied and relatively untouched surroundings with old-growth forests, mountain slopes, bogs and streams enhance the species richness in the area.

To the east of Yngern is Turingeåsen, a cobblestone ditch with sand and gravel that filters and cleans rain and stormwater and supplies Yngern with clean water. In the ridge there are ridge pit lakes that were formed when large blocks of ice melted away 10,000 years ago.