Myssjö gård
Paddle kayak, SUPboard or Canoe



Explore nature in the area with beginner kayaks, SUP boards or Canadians. You can borrow them for free when you stay at Myssjö farm.

Take a beach break somewhere along the way and see the islands in Lake Yngern.

Experience nature with a kayak

or canoe

There is a rich animal and natural life in the area around Myssjö. Here you can spy on one of the beaver nests nearby. If you're lucky, you can see them swimming in the water. Or our birds such as sea eagles, ospreys and great loons that live nearby. You can borrow our boards, kayaks and Canadians for free in connection with an overnight stay with us. You cannot book them, but can borrow them when you arrive on the island.

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SUP boards

We have purchased two Swedish-made inflatable Konas SUP boards that are designed to work well in Swedish waters. The deck mat, i.e. the soft surface you stand on, covers a large part of the surface and gives you plenty of space to do a yoga session on the board.
The tire mat is 5 mm thick and has a pattern that provides good grip even when it gets wet. There are elastic cargo straps at the front so you can bring some gear with you during your adventures
or a water bottle if you exercise. The board is suitable for discovering new islands with little daypack.

Fishing kayaks
Our two kayaks have rod holders, perfect for a fishing trip. In Lake Yngern there are, among other things, perch and pike. You can buy a fishing license on Fiskekort's website
The kayaks are also very stable and you sit well in them. They are perfect for beginners of any age.

Our green, beautiful canot can fit  two people, with plenty of space for a longer trip. Bring clothes according to the weather, swimwear, picnic basket and binoculars on the trip.

You can buy a fishing license on Fiskekort's website

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