Myssjö gård
About Myssjö gård


Myssjö gård is an off-grid farm. This means that we produce our electricity using solar cells and battery storage.

Why not take the opportunity to disconnect all technology, and enjoy the silence by becoming a natural part of nature?

The business is open from May to the end of October, depending of the weather.

Life on the island

Myssjö gård is located on the island of Myssjö between Nykvarn, Södertälje and Gnesta in Stockholm County and is the only property on Myssjö, which means that we are all to ourselves on the island. The farm is 100 meters from the mainland and you can get to the island by boat or raft. You will receive more information in connection with your booking.

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Here you decide when and what you want to do and eat
If you stay overnight, you bring food and drinks with you, which can be kept chilled during your stay with us. There are both grill and cooking facilities on the farm. You can take care of your dishes yourself. Also help us help the environment by sorting your rubbish.

We cannot guarantee that you will be the only guest on the island when you visit us. But the yard is large and there are several cozy places to sit. We who own and run the business live partly on the farm during the summer and can therefore be easily reached if you have any questions.

Off-grid farm
Myssjö farm is an off-grid farm, which means we have no electricity connection to the farm. Instead, we have our own solar energy-supplied facility. This means that you have to be extra careful about the resources that are available, for example, the wi-fi that is available can only be used for a while during the evening.

What we do to have a more sustainable and eco-friendly business:

  • Reuses existing material on the farm
  • Buying second-hand
  • Choose products from nature-friendly materials
  • Buys soap, shampoo and washing-up liquid that are gentle on the environment
  • Composts and sorts our waste at source
  • Cooperates with local entrepreneurs and buys locally produced
  • Produces our own electricity using solar panels

Amenities on the farm

  • Mobile phones and boat engines are charged with electricity from batteries and solar panels. Charging sockets are inside the shared kitchen, the log cabin and at the Flottell. Good to bring a well-charged mobile phone and a power bank, if you want to take a lot of photos.
  • We have two dry toilets on the farm. Both are Separett toilets that separate urine and solid waste. The toilets are equipped with a fan that extracts moisture and air; which makes it completely odorless in the space where the toilet is located and reduces the volume of the waste that must be taken care of and composted on the farm.
  • Refrigerator, hotplates, grill and grill (Muurikka) are powered by LPG.
  • Sauna
  • Water is heated separately in the sauna for showering and washing up
  • A fireplace or gas stove heats the houses on the farm
  • Dishwater is taken directly from the lake or heated in the farm's sauna
  • Drinking water is taken from the municipal water system and transported out to the island.

Myssjö gård