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Myssjö farm is located on the island of Myssjö between Nykvarn, Södertälje and Gnesta in Stockholm County and is the only property on Myssjö. The farm is located 100 meters from the mainland and you can take a boat or raft to the island during the summer or

walk across the ice during the coldest winter months.

Here we are!

The island of Myssjö, where we are located, is the second largest island in Lake Yngern and is embedded in a forest landscape with few settlements. We recommend you use Google maps for directions, as other apps have shown the wrong way here. Honk, call or shout when you are at the water's edge and we will come and pick you up by raft. We give you more information when you have booked.

Our address is: Sjunda 80,646 93 Gnesta

Hike here
Trailstages 12 and 13 of the Sörmlandsleden trail are adjacent to Myssjö gård.

Take municipal transport from Stockholm to Järnas, Mölnbo or Gnesta. Hike on the Sörmlandsleden and spend the night with us at Myssjö. Walk on to the center of Nykvarn and take the long-distance train back to Stockholm. 

Stage 11+12: Järna to Yngsviken, 17.5 km
Stage 12:1+12: Mölnbo to Yngsviken, 12,5 km

From Yngsviken, continue on section 13 and walk up to a gravel road, about 1 km. From there there is a reference sign to Myssjö farm, a walk of about 2.2 km.

Read more about how to get here from Sörmlandsleden

Rent a bus togheter

Are you a group that wants to carpool to us? We have started a collaboration with Björcks Resor, which offers bus transport to and from the mainland side, where we pick up with our electric raft.

Their smallest bus is a VIP bus with room for 17 people and a driver. Other buses can accommodate 49 - 77 passengers.

To Björck's website for inquiries and booking of bus transport
Write in the box on their website that you wish to go to Myssjö farm. This way, together with Björk's employees, you will find out what suits you best.

By car

Turn in from Gnestavägen at the sign for Stora Envätten nature reserve. After about 200 meters there is a road on the right with a barrier. You will receive the code to open the barrier after you have made a booking. Follow the red reference signs to Myssjö farm.

Public transport

Unfortunately, there is currently no public transport nearby. Feel free to carpool if you are a larger group.